Monday, August 21, 2006

I am this and that

Hardly a week goes by in Sydney without something happening. The past weekend has been a rather busy one for me and only because my friend got his DJ down from Singapore to spin at some of the clubs here in Sydney. I decided I shall try to tag along to see how this entertainment business is carried out. And of course to go for some free clubbing. Anyway the clubbing scene here surprises me. Some clubs actually have majority Asians.

So I was there chilling out and enjoying the music on a Friday night when I was suddenly accosted by a gay guy. He was wearing this pink shirt but I decided not to heed the warning because I am not a person that advocates gender preference profiling. As I was waiting at the counter with my friend to order his beer, the pink shirted guy decided that this was the time to order a drink as well and decided to stand next(close) to me.

Suddenly, he tapped on my a shoulder. I turned around half expecting to see the prettiest girl in the world that could have knocked me out and take me to heaven but I saw him. He started hollering, 'Today is my birthday!' before giving me a hug. I tried to say no, you can't hug me but I guess it dissipated into the roar of the RnB music. He started introducing himself and asking if I will like to join in his 'celebration'. I promptly told him to 'fuck off'.

My next encounter with another gay guy was on saturday. Again, I was at the counter. This time minding my own business just looking at that girl shaking her arse infront of me when this guy in strip shirt decided that I could be checking him out. So he promptly came over and introduced himself again and told me that he was from Phillipines(like I give a fuck). Hence everytime I walked past him, he will try to touch me on the hand etc etc. Traumatic.

The last encounter has to be the wierdest. I was at the flea market and looking for a cap. I was standing there inspecting the selection when the storeowner suddenly spoke korean to me. I gave him the WTF look and he apologized and stated that I looked like a korean. Subsequently, he asked if I thought his remarks about me being a korean was a compliment. I was like WAT THE HELL!!

Enough said. I am Korean and I am Gay. Boy, Sydney sucks.

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