Friday, August 25, 2006

Disappearing into the Horizon

Much as I want to say, I can't bring myself to it. The wonderful feeling that overwhelms the being. The sudden urge to reach for the phone to give you a call. The sense of withdrawal when you just suddenly disappear.

The fight against time to know each other better, the realization that in a few days time your physical presence is no longer here, the feelings I presume will dissipate into the wind that will blow you north.

How is it that fate is so cruel, to make a joke of something so sacred. The union of two humans. How is it that the barrier will forever be there and externalities will always affect something as private as love.

The path will converge for the time being but diverge eventually. That is the story of life, sad and cruel that it may be. You can never find a clear path, a path that will bring you straight into the horizon. It will forever be littered with obstacles, deviating you from your actual goal.

But time will tell if our paths will eventually meet again. I can promise that I will not forget you if we bump into each other yet again.

Over the horizon there is a pot of gold, where I hope that by meeting you there, we can share weal and woe. Yet now I have to content, the fact that in a few days, you will disappear into the horizon and I will be unsure when I will ever see you again.

Take care.

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