Tuesday, August 29, 2006

An evil five letter word

I have said it before and I shall reiterate again in my post today. There is one word more harmful than the word fuck and that is drugs. Its an evil, evil, evil vice. Its not only a vice, its a crime. A crime on the same level as murder. A heinous misdeed that should never be condone by anyone or any state.

I now support Singapore's stance in death penalty for drug traffickers. That is because they are no different from murderers. I chatted with my friend on MSN and he told me that drug traffickers are like that character, Jigsaw in SAW. He doesn't kill people but he preys on the weakness of human nature and gets them to kill themselves. Same thing for drug traffickers. They don't kill you outright but they supply you with the tools to do so. And that is why they should be clam down.

Its a horrible way to see someone abusing drugs. If ever my kid takes drugs, I will disown him, skin him alive and throw him to the dogs. That is how much I hate that five letter word now. You want to drink, I am fine. You want to smoke cigarettes, I am fine but please try not to start but if you want to take drugs you are on a one way ticket to hell.

You don't just affect yourself but you affect those around you as well. You put them in a state of distress because when you get so high, someone will have to take care of you and that someone will never know if you are ok or you are on a overdose.

You can be curious or you may feel that circumstances drive you to the point where drugs is the only escape from this cruel world, but even when you are at this point always take a step back and think. Does abusing drugs solve the problem or perpetuate it?

The abuse of drugs will have a temporary high but a permanent scar. Is it worth it? For those people who think that drugs should not be a capital offence and that the trafficker should not be hanged because of some stupid moral reason, I ask them, if these people don't value their lives, why doesn't the state have the right to take it away from them? They deserve it. And by taking away this life, they save a thousand others, so be it. The supply line has to cut off somewhere and be it drug mule or druglord, the law must never tolerate any one in that hierarchy in whateven circumstances.

I once half supported the death penalty for drug traffickers after seeing drug abusers as a Military Policeman. But I am now fully behind it. Every single one of these traffickers should be hanged. Mercy only perpetuates the death that they will bring about.

These traffickers don't deserve moral reasoning if they are in possession of that evil five letter word.

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