Friday, August 18, 2006

What a week

I am so relieved that the week is finally over. All the mad scramble of trying to complete an essay that is due by today was taking it's toll on me. I am glad that it is finally over and I can move on with enjoying my life here. Not that my parents paid my tuition fees for me to enjoy life here but come on I am overseas! Time to explore Sydney man.

I like to presume that spring is finally here. I presumed it a few days ago and that evening, the weather decided to take my presumption and stuff it back at my face by raining ice. Ok, a hailstorm. I think that in order for a hailstorm to occur, the weather has to be like freezing point so yeah, the ice the size of bubble tea pearls came smashing down.

But luckily, I wasn't caught in it. My friend wasn't so lucky and he was spouting every hokkien vulgarity in his vocabulary when he was pelted. Being the big suaku from Singapore, I have never seen a hailstorm before so I insisted on a picture to keep for remembrance.

If you notice, I don't really blog much about current issues concerning the world now on my blog. Primarily this being the fact that I have been overwhelmed by essays that strain the little intellect that I have in me. It's tiring to talk to the tutor about the Israeli and Lebanon war, take notes about it and to come back and actually blog about it.

The issues concerning Singapore is hardly concerning me now as I am a few thousand miles away so unless it adversely affects me, like what happen during NDP, I try to stay clear of discussing whatever that is happening on that small dot.

My friends and I have a planned trip to some rural town in two weeks time and I am so looking forward to that. It is a mini road trip and I hope that it will be really fun because hitting the highway here in Australia is going to be a completely different experience from back in Singapore. Luckily all of us know how to drive so we can take turns to be at the wheel to enjoy the presumably spectacular countryside.

I hope that everyone in Singapore is well and having a smashing time now that university has started(for the guys), I hope my exams end earlier this year so that I can be back soon enough. Well, this is my update and more to come.

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