Monday, January 30, 2006

Sometimes you wonder in life, what can go wrong. You are the happiest guy alive, you have the prettiest girlfriend you could possibly think of, you are a bloody butter bar in the army, everyone who wears the rank on the sleeve salutes you when you walk pass, you have done well in your A levels and is destined for a PSC scholarship in some state in the US, your parents love you, have great friends that you can depend on, you have sex regularly, pimples don't break out, you have a porcelain face, you have perfect eyesight, you always score when you play football, you don't need anyone's help in anything, you always win when you gamble etc etc etc...

Then suddenly at the age of 21 this protective aura of luck splits and every single bad omen dawns upon you. Your girlfriend told you she was going for dance and dies while crossing the road. At her last breath, she tells you to take care as you cry into her blood-stained white blouse. You feel her ribs in yours and you don't feel warmth but an awkward bone jutting out. You pissed off your Captain and get demoted to a rank of a private because you cannot stop sulking around like a mummy's boy after your girlfriend died. Your eyes are dilated and you smoke a pack a day. Your parents suddenly divorce because your dad was seen having a mistress who looks just like your dead girlfriend. Your brother masturbates over your ex-girlfriend picture and makes a mess of it. You stab him with a knife and burn him with your cigarette butt and hurl vulgarites at him. You then take the soiled photo and furiously wash it under the tap. You wash it till it tears and you scream in frustration and collaspe on the floor, tears rolling down your cheeks as you do so. You play football and someone tackles you from behind and breaks both your legs. You spend the next 6 months of your life in crutches. A misfire from your fellow soldier richochets off the ground and grazes your spotless face, leaving a scar the is a inch thick and 20cm in length. When you go clubbing no girl looks at you anymore because you are in crutches and have an inch thick scar.
You gesticulate like a crazy idiot just for someone to call your name but no one cares. You are a cripple. You move on to university and fail your first semester and PSC withdraws your scholarship and demand you pay for breaking the bond.
You are left helpless and as you take out the last remaning photo of your dead girlfriend and you, you reminisce the great times that you have together with her. Her lovely black hair falling on your face when she kisses you. The smell of her perfume that typifies her. She gently call out your name and you feel like you have reach the highest point in life. There is now a patch of grass and your girlfriend takes your hand and the both of you run like there is no tomorrow before falling on the grass, you on top of her. As you lie on top of her and stare intently into her lovely doe-eye, she gently closes it and kiss you on the lips. The both of you have a long kiss and you start undressing her.
But you don't feel her soft and tender flesh. Instead, you feel some kind of liquid that is warm. You open your eyes and find that it is blood. Her body suddenly turns into a mass of blood and her rib starts to jut out. Her smiling face turn into one that is in agony. The pouting lips turn into a shape and you could hear her whisper I love you. Her forehead starts to ooze blood and her smooth skin turns into a messy and scaly pus that has the markings of the tar road which she fell tragically upon.
You scream and open your eyes. You find yourself in your own bedroom with a knife beside you. You slowly move your hand towards the knife and as you bring it closer to you, you can only see your girlfriend calling out to you with that smile that made you fall for her in the first place.


icepickles said...

amazing. i like the plot of love. beautiful life i would say. how ironic.


icepickles said...

hey i like this post.