Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If you all are in the dark, let me inform you people who religiously read my blog that Friendster, the over-hyped, wildly popular and life changing site has revamped itself. There are new features galore and the interface is now very different.
Friendster, a network which I was proudly a member since 2003 has changed the way many people make friends. No longer is there the embarrasment of asking your friends to introduce you girls. You can actually now make the approach yourself covertly. Lets say your friend A is super pissed off with you when you say you actually want to know his ex- girlfriend. He bans you totally from seeing her or even talking to her as long as he still has a breath on this earth.
What do you do? Easy. Friendster is the solution. You go to your friend's account, look up that girl, click on her and send her a message which will probably go something like
- woo hoo.. nice to see you. You know what? you actually know my friend! We are best pals in secondary school you know. That means you probably know me as well. Hey! I want to create a list of all the friends I know in secondary school and you are definately a familiar face back in those good old days. add me as a friend yeah.. want to know you better.
Of course after this message, you would cross your fingers and hope the girl reply. After a few days of no response, you decided to approach your friend A. You ask him, hey I actually went to go know your girl through friendster. I told her we may have seen each other in secondary school.
Your friend gives you an incredulous look from head to toe and tells you that his ex beau is from a girls school! You shake your head in disbelief and wonder what a fool I have been!!
Anyway, that true story apart, Friendster network has always been an avenue for this covert operations. Boy secretly viewing girl's profile. Probably licking at all the photos that she posted online of herself. Boy sends girl a message telling her that he has seen her somewhere before when he actually is trying to find some lame excuse. All part and parcel of life. Thats why for the girls, Friendster has always been a symbol of popularity. Something that they can boast about to each other in the toilets apart from the size of their boobs.
I mean Girl A can say: " I have 100 messages from guys who I do not know, all asking me to be their friend. How many messages do you have?"
Girl B:" I have maybe 3 messages and all of them are from my network of friends. Sad right? But hahahahaha, I have bigger breast than YOU!!"
That is why knowing this problems that have been mentioned, Mr creator of friendster decided that enough is enough. Guys cannot keep launching covert operations at the expense of their friends. Girls cannot keep comparing their number of secret admirers because it just over hypes her.
So he came up with a new system called " Who viewed Me". Now, you will know who have actually viewed you from Friendster. Guys can't simply go round to girl's profiles and view her discreetly. If he has viewed her 20 times in a day all 20 times would be logged down and she will know. Girls on the other hand will now know that she does not really have that many ' secret' admirers. Most of them are just desperate friends of her friends who cannot wait for her to accept him and thus open up an avenue for him to stick his hand up her skirt.
Cleverly, the creators of friendster has eliminated this problem of harrasment. My friends have now told me that they will be more careful when viewing other girl's accounts or perhaps not view them at all. They cannot stand the embarrasment of the girl knowing that he visited her account a 150 times that day just to make sure she did not update any new photos that he has not seen.
But of course, there are still problems that come with this new feature. Popular people can now boast the fact that at least 200 people view their profile daily and you know it is not a brag because he has hard evidence to prove it. In which it leaves the rest of the people who are not that perfect praying that at least a double digit figure appears on the "Who viewed Me". If not depression sets in.


the Dub said...

yawn. keng loon your site is really boring. -lester

kenny said...

Let me guess.. you are talking about yourself in the "guy message girl" part rite...

so sad....

Anonymous said...

and may this information be helpful to u. it's an option to allow ppl to know that you've viewed their profile. so actually it's no big deal.