Monday, October 03, 2005

Today I want to address several issues. First the issue about the world we live in today. Sadly, the world today is not something that is very pleasant. Sure there is no outright war, we are living in relative peace, the economy is feeding us and the english premier league is still on.
But looking at the underlying events that have been happening throughout these the few months, the pious ones amongst us would be predicting a doomsday in a not so distance future.
The hurricane the swept through the whole of New Orleans, the dengue that is striking our shores in vengence, the bird flu which has resurfaced, the hurricane that struck again in the USA, the typhoon in Taiwan, the recent reports regarding the melting ice caps up north resulting in a possible flooding of planet earth and of course most recently the worst of it all, the Bali attacks.
I wonder when all this is going to stop. I mean we are living in this world now that is now at the threat of destruction, not by any natural means but purely on man causes.
Such unpredictability that is occuring to us is now a real threat to our very existance and yet man continue to be nonchalant and selfish. All through these events that happen, what are we doing to stop it? The natural disasters have been forewarn by thousands of scientist, yet no nation is willing to step forward and take a lead in solving the problems that could result in the extinction of mankind. When we say that humans are the most intelligent being on earth, we expect that we can do the neccesary to continue our very existance. It is the most fundamental in which all our other activities depend on yet nothing is done about it. Global warming continues and no one treats it like is exists. Ice caps are melting and yet the report only takes a small section in the national newspapers. Must we always wait till the event has occured before doing anything about it?
In this it brings me to the issue on terrorism. After years of battling this problem, the world terrorism still brings fear to almost everybody. Bodies are still being charred, dismantled and buried. Families are still being torn apart with pictures of crying people still splashed all over newspapers. What is being done or rather is the objective that we set out to achieve right after the September attacks in 2001 still exist?
The Bali attacks a few days ago brought everyone back to reality. The root of the problem is still there. After spending billions, Osama is still at large and his followers are actually increasing. Tapes are still being sent to the media warning of further terror attacks and yet all governments around the world do is to heighten security measures. Can further measures be done to ensure that the problem is rooted out? Does all these retailation to terrorist helping the cause? How about peaceful negotiation with these people and actually understanding why they are doing this instead of banging fist on the tables and sending bombs back at them?
Man remain as greedy and selfish as ever. A war started must be ended with another war. When will it end? When can we be united and resolve in saving our very existance from natural disasters?
That leads us, the common folk to actually treasure our time on this planet. As I wake up everyday, go through the motions without any purpose, where today the 3 of October is really no different from the 5 of April, I wonder if such an existance is actually a waste of precious time. Have I actually achieved what I really want? Have I realised that with such unpredictability in the world that we live in, time may actually be short?
As I meet people whom I work with and go out with today. Treasure everyday like this is the last day. If you want to try anything, go ahead. If you like someone tell him or her. You never know when your love ones may one day not be around and you would live in regret of not telling him/her your feelings.
Stop trying to be selfish, greedy and calculative. After all, this world is bad enough. Go forth and do what you think is right. Don't procastinate. Be different from a society that waits for something to actually happen before taking preventive measures.

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wtf??? haha... good entry. also prevent all those chee koo peh