Sunday, February 27, 2005

My friends use to ask me: "Why don't you try something different in your blog?" and "Why are your blog so always full of nonsense? Doesn't it have anything informative or relevant to life at all?" So today, I task myself to answer these disturbing questions by, what else, setting up an FAQ.
Hi! why are you always talking about world issues?
I don't talk about world issues. I try to discuss issues that are important and relevant to me and hopefully to people out there who read my blog.

Do you hate people who blog about their daily lives?
I find that people who blog about their daily lives really have to have a very exciting one. And to me exciting means (a) you have to be a girl. (b) you are a celebrity. So if you are none of the above don't bother.

What is your quest in life now?
I am trying to make people understand how crappy the life is in the army. I hope people will stop trying to have a bad impression about boys in green. We don't want to be in that uniform so we hope you won't shift to another seat when we sit next to you in the train.

Can you teach me how to get a girlfriend?
I recommend you a book called "The complete asshole guide to handling chicks"

So can you tell me what girls like?
If you really want to get a girl just treat her to ice-cream and chocolate. All girls love chocolate and ice-cream.

I am 40 years old and I have a beer belly. What's my chances of picking up a girl?
Sadly none. Though, alot of ice-cream and chocolate will help.

I hate the army. Is going AWOL a chargeble offence?
AWOL is the most common offence in the army. God bless if you go AWOL.

What the hell is a Military Policeman?
A military policeman is just like a policeman. We are called MPs for short. We are also called MPs because people may think that we are Member of Parliament. Instead of catching civilians who break the law, we catch military personnel who break the law. We also perform Silent Precision Drill every first Sunday of the month outside Istana and on NDP.

Good. What do guys talk about in their free time in army?
We talk about soccer, betting, girls, cars, our civilian life, clubbing, how to get a girl, how stupid people who sign on in the army are, jokes, university, 21st birthday, Simple life, Paris hilton, movies, IPPT, cookhouse food and lastly our work.

Chelsea going to win the league?
Yeah I think so. But I really hope Spurs win it.

Lastly, can Singapore movies be of an international standard?
If Singapore has 100 Jack Neos, we will be the new Hollywood. That guy is a laugh. I DO I DO is fantastic, spastic and ballistic.

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