Monday, February 28, 2005

U know, I have always wondered why some blogs are so popular and some are only mediocre. I worked hard and researched thoroughly and discovered that wow, the popular blogs are dominated by the females.
Ok, I am not being a sexist here but you look. The primary reason why people go online is to find for sex, celebrities and jokes. They want to laugh, look at porn and hear gossips all at the same time. However, they cannot keep on surfing porn to satisfy their lonely souls right?
So they visit blogs that are designed by females. Oh in case, if you are a female and wondering why I am saying that you are looking for sex on fellow female blogs, let me explain.
Girls have this uncanny ability to support their female clique. They visit each other's blogs, they leave comments like " Hi xxx!! don't worry I am here. Don't work so hard ok?" For them they only epitomise themselves with these comments.
The girls don't go to each other blogs to hit on them but to leave words of encouragment and friendship.
Now this is where the guys come in. Guys go to a girl's blog because (a) she is devastatingly CHIO. (b) the girl is their girlfriend (c) they were once together before and now the nosey guy want to see how she is getting along (d) She is bimbotic (e) they are going after that girl so they go there and put comments like " hi! John here! Just dropping by to say hi!!" Such use of repetitive words only serve to highlight that they are running out of pick up lines.
But never will you see a girl head on to a guy's blog and say " hi! don't be so sad ok? I will always stand by you." Unless of course she is his girlfriend lah. But that is beside the point.
The girls can thank their male counterparts for being the bulk of the hit counter. Funny as it seems, girls are never popular or humourous if they are not pretty. Such emphasis on looks and appearances only spur them to shave more of their body hairs and go for breast transplants.
That is why, girls blogs are more popular. The majority of the sex-starved males and giggly girls place female blogs as their favourite. But you can count on declining readership once the girl gets her face lang ga by lorry. Then you can see how many of her female friends actually stand by her.

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