Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Today I want to talk about several issues in this world. I have been told by some readers to stick to what is best in a blog- that is to talk about your daily life. I shall not conform to society. So what if 99.99% of the blogging community are talking are talking about their own life?
Instead I shall touch on some really mind-boggling issues. The first being that of opening a casino in Singapore. When you thought that the GREAT casino debate was well and truly over, they have resurfaced yet again. Somehow or rather, when the Straits Times run of issues to print on the Forum, they just print the casino pieces. The arguments are argued to death and yet people still somehow find ways to argue. How does "Casino ruins a family" and "My father and brother are running away from loan sharks due to the biggest vice called gambling" sound?
As I said, angry as some Singaporeans may be, there is no need to publish different expressions of the same argument again and again. Yes, Casino promotes gambling and gambling ruins families and thus Singapore should not allow a Casino. Then Singapore should not allow smoking too because it endangers the family, so does alcohol and so does fatty food.
I say, practice control and restraint. There is only so much a government can do and sometimes they have vested interest too. So don't expect everything to be utopian because the world is not such.
The next issue would be the US presidential elections. Finally the "too close to call" game is called. Bush won and fairly enough even though it was by a whisker. I mean most of my friends can't stand Kerry, saying he has a "plastic face" and he lack charisma and of course he is a "flip-flopper", a term you can only trust Bush to come up with. A sensible person would be happy with the outcome because the no one in the right frame of mind would want to be America's next president now. Not when there is so much happening. Kerry should count his lucky stars that the Americans don't want him to clear up the mess of some other guy.
Moving back home, the biggest issue is of course the senseless murder of Huang Na. No disrespect to Huang Na or her family but this case has highlighted how much Singapore value the Chinese people here. Following the comments of the Taiwan minister, who claimed the Singapore like to por l** p**, I thought Singaporeans would ease of the business of China people but the happenings over the past few weeks shows that the Taiwan minister is actually, gasp, right!
I mean come on, Huang Na's case was tragic but there were so many tragic cases involving missing persons yet none was mentioned in the scale of the Huang Na case. Singaporeans set up search teams, dedicated the "HOME" section to a murder conducted by a Malaysian on a China girl and activated virtually the entire "HOME TEAM" aka Singapore Police Force on this case.
Don't get me wrong but I think the response from Singaporeans was commendable in the face of adversity. It is just that there may be more to this case than what the surface shows. Singaporeans giving pity to the grieving family may just find out that it is more complicated than normal.
Well, it really has been a tumultous period in the world thus far, strangely people are often divided on issues but united by tragedy. Must tragedy always occur to ensure unity? I hope not. We should spend our time working towards a better world instead of fighting over opinions.

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