Saturday, October 23, 2004

Singaporean women, stand up. Your role as the caregiver, childbearer, confidante and whatnot is fast fading. With the guys in our sunny island losing their interest in them, they are beginning to be left on the self.
Why? Oh, blame the same people that are the cause for outsourcing, SARs, bird flu and most recently the egg crisis. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the beauties from China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Faster than you can pronouce the name of these three countries, the men in Singapore are getting hitched with them.
Yes, married. No, not girlfriend, not best friend, not maid, not Geylang whore and definately not mistress. Singaporean men and women from these countries are now man and wife. Sweared over the oath even before the wives can learn how to say lah, meh and shiok.
Most of the women here are mad. They write into Straits Times, they write on online forums and set up blogs on this issue. Every single word spoken, none in favour of these 'foreign imports'. They moan, groan, complain, gossip and gawk thus exemplifying the very reason why Singaporean men are turned off by them in the first place.
Singaporean women are loud, materialistic, high maintainence and unwilling to submit to wants of men. Or like my grandmother say ' eat big oil ' (literal translation from hokkien). How on earth is Mr Heartlander going to afford and pacify these western educated, western values women? They want a $400 ring from Soo Kee, $10,000 for credit card limit, porsche and condo!!
Up struts women from Vietnam, Malaysia and China. They are all exactly opposite of their Singaporean counterparts. Trained in the art of patience and obedience, these women are heaven sent for Singaporean men who have since lost faith in the new breed of Singaporean women. Can a woman from Singapore work in a factory, go on a strict diet and abstain from love shows? Touch your heart, girls.
Sure, Singaporean men are said to be chauvinistic. Their thinking is old fashioned. They need to be the SNAG, the hen-pecked husband and the yes-men. We accept it as we have no choice. What to do, mother nag, aunty nag, grandma nag to get married. Ok lor, conform.
Just when the women thought they have successfully transformed the society to girl power, here comes the spoilers from up north. Attentive, soft-spoken, patient, obedient, pretty, well schooled in the art of love, suddenly the Singaporean women needs to retrain, reskill and RETRENCHED???
I understand the problems the society face for allowing these marriages to occur. By importing these 'foreign talent', Singapore is looking for trouble. So meek are these girls that the people of Singapore worry if they would end up in the same boat as the maids who come here to find work.
But, it is only a matter of time before guys here go out looking for girls who are more their 'type'. Desperate as some of these men are, they have no choice. They simply cannot afford the Singapore Girl. I am sure that the men would never lay a finger on the foreign girls. After all they literally went through hills and mountains to find them. Whether or not they are compatiable is another thing but I am sure the husbands understand that this is their life partner, their soulmate and their childbearer. Abuse is out of question.
The more pressing issue is the worrying trend of these marriages and the potential problem of all these unwanted Singaporean women being left on the shelf.

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