Sunday, August 01, 2004

I have not, contrary to popular belief, lost my sense of humour. I have realised that people around me are no longer laughing as hard as they used to be. The tagboard has been at it's pathetic state for ages and no one seems to be bothered to enter my site anymore.
Notice that this site has been of poor maintenence. And contrast it with the fact that I spend 3/4 of my time in camp maintaining my bunk. Area cleaning, folding of clothes, wiping of cupboards, sweeping of floors etc..
I am really sick of this mundane life. Imagine.. I go into camp for five and a half days of sear hell before coming back to civilian life for 1 and a half DAYS. I sit around at home wondering what I have accomplished in my life so far and before I can formulate my thoughts, I have to book in again.
No wonder I am losing my sense of humour. Army doesn't require any privates to be humourous. The sergeants there rarely laugh at jokes. They make you the joke and sadistically laugh at you. Life isn't funny when you hold it there in push up position and feel the rush of blood to your head and when the sergeants have had their fun they make you recover and shout the unit's motto.
Neither is it fun after a long hard day of SK.(Sai Kang) We shift practically everything that we can lay our hands on into the tonner, store, lecture room, mess room....
Now I sit here wondering where all my humour went to.
The life of a locked up soul wandering aimlessly without the sense of time and motive. The world moves on with or without us. All links with the outside world are cut.. As I pick up my handphone to call my friend, I wonder where has everyone went?

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