Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nothing eventful has occured to me in the recent months. That can explain why this blog has been slow on it's update. Not only has nothing significant happened to me, time has also not been on my side. 9 weeks of training before I can be a full-fledged MP. It's now the fourth week.
It has been a mundane lifestyle till I started reading this book by Haruki Murakami. "Norwegian Wood" is the name of the book. Can you believe I finished it in 1 week? That is including training which takes up almost 3/4 of my time! I brought the book everywhere just so I can find out the ending. I am not trying to do a book review here but in all honesty, anyone should read this book.
It is a beautifully crafted story about a life of this young man who lives in the modern, melancholic and depressing world. It seems that all the people surrounding him are never happy and are often trapped in the prison of their own minds.
If you are looking for a happy ending in this book, I can tell you that there is none. The narrator talks about his lonely life that revolves around two women. The traditional thinking of what love is all about are thrown out of the window in this book. Somehow or rather, I believe that the story relates alot to how the process of love is dealt with these days. No longer does the notion of "steady girlfriend" exists.
Even when one has a girlfriend, it doesn't prevent the narrator from sleeping around. This story is highly allegorical and the reader has to read beyond the lines to understand what is going on. It depicts the confused state of the narrator's life and the scenes that occurs are usually poignant.(especially with his lover.) Thus, the complexity of the novel leads to various conclusions that can be drawn by the reader depending on his/her level of maturity.
Some can say that this book is highly erotic to the point of pornography even. Some will of course treat this as a book that mirrors their real life. Army men who read the book will get a hard-on ( just joking).
Anyway, the book has been one of the best books I have read so far this year. At least it is a refreshing change to the regimental life that I am going through currently. I seem to have lost the ability to write and express myself properly since I have entered the army. The knowledge I have acquired for the past 12 years are fast fading. I not only speak for myself but for others too. I am sure any NSF will agree.

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