Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's been a while since I have updated this thing. It's also been two weeks since I last started my new vocation. In case for those still in doubt, I am in the military police. Ha, I am not in SISPEC. Not wanting to waste time harping about the fact that I am not good enough to be a sergeant, I decided to enjoy the remaining years of my life in the army.
The first boost to my new life in a new vocation was the annoucement that all NSF folks like me would have a reduction in their SAF liability. I was amazed and even shocked by this news. The first question was by how much? It turned out that it was not much and only a paltry two months. Worse, I discovered that my pals over in the poly will only have to serve two years from the day they enlist.(lucky bastards, JC guys never benefit from anything)
So I would end my NSF in June 2006. In time for the next world cup. It still seems eons away. But at least for the first two weeks here at MP, I have been enjoying myself. We have been told that 80 percent of our course would be in the form of lectures. Come August this year, if nothing screws up, I will be a full fledged MP.
Another boost is that my two good friends are also here with me in MP. The three notorious guys of 2A1 Srjc are reunited in the same unit. Yes, believe it or not, Lester is a MP and so is Senthil.
Senthil is part of the awolee gang that goes round catching SAF delinquents. Armed with a handcuff, he goes about in his usual intimidating style. If I want to AWOL, I would seriously have second doubts.
Well, life is that unpredictable. I never expected that I would be in a vocation that enforces discipline in the whole SAF. That is because I am never discipline myself and neither are my friends, honestly speaking. I would be coming in contact with the very "scums" of SAF. People who refuse to serve their time. Hopefully that I would come out in one piece and not with a hand chopped off by a parang.

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