Sunday, August 15, 2004

The queue was long. In the line was people from all walks of life. Dyed hair, long hair, pierced ears, outlandish shirts, hipster jeans, heavy make up and chain smokers. The buzz was in the air as the crowd waited patiently to enter. With only a limited number of people entering at any one time, the people in the queue were waiting for the auspicious hour. And so was the management. They were waiting for the hour too so they can collect the entrance fee.
Once inside, the area was in stark contrast to the brightly lit streets of Singapore. It was dim with minimal lights. The entrance had a huge circle with 18 in the center. I looked around in the darkness trying to find my friend but all I could see was the highlight of another person's hair.
Streaks of brown, purple and green graced the floor. The spotlights danced aorund wildly as the speakers belted out hit after hit at full blast.
When I told a girl, " You look Chio!", it sounded more like " You look Cheap!"
You could barely hear each other even when they were just standing next to you. The first thing the place reminded me of was when I was in Tekong, perched on that stupid hill with firefly all around me. That experience in Tekong was once in a lifetime. The whole place was lit up with fireflies and their luminous nature was the only thing you could see.
Anyway, the 'fireflies' in this place were the smokers who lit up practically the whole place. My friends stood watching as girl after girl walked pass. Some pass longing stares, some glanced but many walked pass oblivious of our attention.
The dance floor slowly filled up with avid dancers who wanted to enjoy every single penny of their entrance fee. In one corner, a guy in thick nerdish spectacles was shouting at the bouncer. The bouncer was this malay guy with the 'sonic' hairstyle. He gave the nerdish fellow a cool stare and continued talking into his earpiece. Soon another of his comarade came over. The bouncer told his colleague that this fellow was very 'guai lan'(arrogant and snobbish). What they did to him was entirely none of my business as my friend and I drifted to another location.
Not long later, my friend tap me on my shoulder complaining about a sharp pain in his head. He needed to take a break away from the dance floor.
On our way up, two girls who were rather ahem, beautiful, were also making a move. A guy in blue shirt tap her shoulder and asked her, " My friend here finds you chio, he wants to get to know you'.
With all her arrogance, she barely glance at him and walked away. I looked and smiled.
The place was a breeding place for trouble. Dark, smoky and drunkard girls playing stupid hand games with guys. I took one last long look before walking out.

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