Sunday, April 25, 2004

Its time for myself to return to civilian life or rather start talking about something more civilian. I have realized that for my past entries since I have entered the army, I have been yakking about the army non-stop. I am telling more stories than those Marines in Iraq. Only my Sergeant-Major can better that. Cause he talks more bull than me. But I won't go there. I won't want to waste my breath on that guy.
I have recovered from my fever. So the first thing I did when I booked out(you see army again) was to head on down to town with my friend to "check out the scene" and see how much Singapore has changed. One thing is for sure, we can't use the Nicholl highway anymore because it has since collasped. Now that was surprising. I always thought that Singapore had some of the best infastructure in the world. A pity that we abuse the land that we have too much by trying so hard to dig up whatever space we have underground to build trains. I won't want to sit the train that pass that area if it is ever built.
Anyway, City Hall seem worse than usual with tons of people everywhere. Sometimes, you just feel so good when you see that the people that surround you are not botak. Ok lah, I admit I felt good when I finally get to see girls walking around. You should see the situation in Tekong. Any new enlistees that come in will be accompanied by their girlfriends or mothers. So you would see hundreds of botak heads popping out of the windows just to take a look at them(not the enlistees but the women). The sergeants would all volunteer to show the parents/girlfriends around(cheeky bastards). The guys there are so deprived of girls that we voted the "auntie" that served us food at the cookhouse, Tekong FHM Babe of the Year.
So my friend and I roamed City hall and ended up at Chijmes. Before we drank or ate something, we said a little prayer of thanks for those unlucky folks that are still stuck in Tekong doing guard duty and protecting Singapore in the process. Volunteer or Tekkan, we wish all Guard Duty Personell a great evening ahead before downing our food and cheering on Manchester United and Liverpool.
Lastly, I took one long look at Chijmes before walking out, safe in my knowledge that it will be another week before I can come out again. Today is Book In day. 1 more Month to PASSING OUT PARADE.

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