Friday, April 30, 2004

All right! I am finally able to force my lazy hands to write something on this blog belonging to my dearest friend--Satire. It is not that I am overwhelmed by my busy schedule that I am not finding time to contribute to this blog, but it is due to supreme procrastinating ability despite my massive amounts of projects, assignments and exams, and the lack of desire to attempt to finish my work that leads to almost no input or whatsoever to this blog. This same 'lazinating' attitude, so named because i decided to name it that way, is the same attitude that might just screw my semester over. Presently, my GPA is at the brink of destruction, and eternal damnation, to the point that an attempt on grad school would almost be impossible. My writing skills have gone from bad to worse, as evident by this 'article'; by now, readers might have noticed multiple grammatical and speeling errors. I have no motivation and am burned out!

The bottom line is, I AM FREAKING TIRED OF FREAKING SCHOOL! I WANNA GO HOME!!!! Freak! I can't wait for summer to be here! 3 more weeks, but the days pass by so slowly that it seems like forever. I miss the local food, satay, chicken rice, laksa, Wonton noodle, roti prata, etc. Roti prata is sold in regular coffe shop for 60 cents a piece, here it's USD5! what the freak!

Handling 2 jobs while studying is also not very helpful... And one suggestion to potential undergrads, never ever overload your semester, why? because you might end up killing your GPA like me.

Anyways, summer should be pretty cool, because it's a holiday, and no freaking school for 3 months! Man! I can't wait to be outta school!

All right! Thanks for listening to my complains or reading it, I assure you the next entry would be something of value an educational.


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