Thursday, May 13, 2004

Dear Sergeant,
This is my 6th week in the army. I have realized that you have treated me with much animosity due to my inability to conform to your orders. I found myself mostly in your line of fire. I tried to hold my rifle properly and fire with some accuracy but I have failed miserably.
Yes, I am a bobo shooter. I can't even gun you down even when you are standing right infront of me. I have told you upteen times that I am not made for the army. I don't want to be a specialist or an officer. Stop pushing me to do things that do not suit me. I don't want to prone when I am contacted. I am out of breath when you ask me to flank and now here I am on Attend C again. I cannot even go through my BMT without hiccups.
I hope that you will not make me a specialist just like you. I want to be a medic or a driver but I know that is not possible since the Mindef deem me to be combat fit. Hopefully a miracle can happen and I can finally be a good soldier.
And yeah by the way, I have learnt something from you. Remember the amount of bad words you use on me? Yeah I have mastered them all. thanks for the wonderful and colourful language. Now I can go Madam Wong and be a Chao Ah Beng instead of being in Tekong, training to be a Chao Recruit.
If I had learnt anything in this BMT, it is only your wide array of foul language that seem to fit in every situation. I can't pass IPPT, can't pass SOC and can't pass whatever abbreviations that you throw at me. The only thing I am good at is AWOL.
I hope you don't mind because not everyone can be like you.
Yours Truly,

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