Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today I am finally home from army. The reason being I fell sick. No, I didn't keng(pretend to be sick). My mates are saying that I Keng. No pun intended in reference to my name. I had a 40 degree fever. Most probably due to over exertion. The training inside is tough and my section is the most unfit lot of the platoon. There is no point regretting not training harder, however passing the fitness test is quite a chore.
The fun part comes this Saturday and the next week. We will be going to the range to fire our M-16 and of course we are going into the jungle for field camp.
I realised that army is only fun if u are fit. Thats because you can laugh at the unfit ones. You can also sleep in the bunk if the unfit people are having extra training.
Not to forget, I have quite a few SRJC dudes in my platoon and so far they have became the IC already. I think I had a point somewhere in making that statement. My forehead is burning... I need to sleep.

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