Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Today, I wonder if I can follow Ashton Kutcher in Butterfly Effect to change one thing and change everything. If I could be Kutcher for one day I would dump Demi Moore first though. That is one thing that I would change. It wouldn't change for the worse thats for sure. People will stop calling me a toy boy too. I will also have removed the burden of three very troublesome kids and of course I will strike my name of Bruce Willis hit list. And we all know how dangerous Mr Willis is especially when he is starring in a action movie.
To avoid digressing, I will not pick into Kutcher's private life. I mean if he wants the title "Toy Boy" for the rest of his life, that is just his bloody problem right? None of my concern. My point today is about the Butterfly Effect and not the Effect of Spliitting up with Demi Moore or the Effect of going steady with Demi Moore.
Butterfly Effect in case if you are still in the dark is centered about this Chaos Theory. In this chaotic world that we live in everything that happens has to have a theory and yes, even when there is chaos there must be some Theory to explain it. I am not sure who came up with this Theory but I am sure that it has to be some wise guy that had to write a PHD thesis in something and had nothing to write about, thus coming up with this Theory.
Basically, this Theory is trying to explain that something small that happen million of miles away can create a tumultuous effect on something occuring here. To use examples, its like a butterfly flapping it's wings in the Phillippines and thus causing a tornado in Texas. How is that possible? I don't know. But simple folk like me call this the Ripple Effect.
Of course to be able to utilize this Effect you have to keep a dairy just like Kutcher in the film. The problem is I don't so I am sitting here typing this and not going back in time to change my life. (actually blogs should count lah but I stared at my site for 15 mins and I don't feel anything shaking nor do I feel myself being transported back in time.)
However, If I could. The IF is in question here. Anything is possible if you add the word IF in front. There are several things I would like to change. To not bore you on the endless details of my life, lets just name a few. I would like to change the event when my cousin told me to put a firecracker in the drain so as to watch in sick pleasure of the possibility of it exploding in the face of a rat. I hope that rat rests in peace.( Note this event can only take place in Malaysia. Don't try this in Singapore.) I would happily have removed the firecracker with my barehands, get my limbs blown away into bits and have my childhood sweetheart to take care of me for the rest of my life.
I would also like to change the bit when I was 5 and playing in the garden with this gorgeous girl which happened to be the daughter of my father's friend. I regretted tying her ponytail to her zip and telling her to run back to Daddy. If I didn't do that, her Daddy would have brought her back for more of this annual Chinese New Year celebrations. If I didn't do that we could be a couple now. I would have by now even have intimate knowledge of whether her toes go numb when she has an orgasm.
One thing I don't regret though is the fact that I never stepped into my friend's place with their father around when I was young. I hope to change that though. Maybe I could see if their fathers were hiding anything. After all, to paraphrase Gene Hackman in Runaway Jury, everyone has a dirty little secret to hide, our job is to find them.
With so any things to change and no diary to refer to, I seem to have accepted my ill fate. After all, Kutcher seem to have thrown the idea of Fate out of the window with his ability to go back in time. Life wouldn't be a mystery if we could go back in time and have chances to change everything. No matter how we change it, it will never be the way we expect it to be. If there is nothing that I understood about the Chaos Theory as least I have learnt that you should think before you act and burn all diaries.

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