Monday, March 08, 2004

Almost everyone has spoken out about their A levels, be it good or bad. Blogs owned by people that collected their A levels had updates about themselves in no time. I didn't update mine. I really do not know what to say about my results. Lousy to say the worse, mediocre at best. I am sure that I finished in the bottom half of my class.
I have been reduced to analyzing the intake of the 3 universities in Singapore. Considering that 12,339 people took their A levels in my year of which 1500 odd had 4 straight As(these people are amazing right?), that leaves about 10,000 odd candidates. Assuming all 1500 of them either get a scholarship or find themselves too smart for the local universities, competition is greatly reduced.
Then I moved on to the number of people that have effectively ended their challenge for a university place in Singapore. I am not sure how many are there but I feel that in the regions of 1000-2000 people find their results too poor to guarantee them a place in the universities here. And I mean really poor ones like 2 A and 2 AO type of results or triple E kind.
My cousin gladly added another region for me in which he named it so aptly the Accidents, Fatality and Poor group. Which means the people that actually get a decent set of results but gets killed in some accident or are too poor to afford university education. Not that this group would be extremely large but he told me confidently that it would be in triple figures. Sounds morbid, desperate and down right despicable but with results like mine, any form of reduced competition is in fact a huge relief of my chest.
NUS takes in about 5750 students a year. I am not too sure about the other two(any speculations?) That leaves me with not that many competitors. After intense calculations, I feel that I could actually scrapped through on the borderline if I applied.
Still the feeling of living on the line so precarciously is giving me jitters almost everyday since results day. I attended the career fair. I spoke to the admission officers and most of them gave an automated reply of "just try". I tried to seek solace in my GP grade but I think almost all candidates that are capable of reading and writing can get my grade anyway.
My father said that my grade for GP met the minimum requirement for Law. Wow, thanks Dad. Probably 5000 students met the requirement as well.
You know when you get crap results like mine, you start to feel cynical about people's opinions for you. In extreme, one may actually feel that some of your friends may even start to distance themselves from you(especially those good grade ones). I am still staring at the book now. My plan? Just apply. If I can't get in, I would just disappear into Down Under.

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