Saturday, March 27, 2004

All the hype these days is about the fact that Singaporean women are going West at the expense of local men. When I say West, I mean that the women are preferring Ang mohs to Singaporean men like me. With all the brouhaha surrounding it, it seems that women are imerging victors and indeed they are true about the childish nature of Singaporean men. I mean, Singaporean men cannot stop moaning about the fact that not only have foreign talent destroyed their rice bowl, they have also snatched their very purpose of existence- women.
Yes, we Singaporean men are selfish, mummy's boy and whatever not. We are spoilt brats who don't have a life and somethings we can't be as creative as the foreigners when comes to dating a girl. Yes also to the fact that we don't ask girls out for picnics. We are also posessive and refuse to allow girls to mix with other men. Besides, this is because we are easily jealous and refuse to accept the possibility that girls are allowed to have males on a friend basis only. We men know. We know that any men who chats up our girlfriend has a motive. They want to hit up on them. They want to prise her away from us. We are also low in self esteem and we always think that other men are better endowed then us. Thats the reasons why many men prefer to reserve their sex for after marriage in order so as the wife would not run away easily to a better endowed man.
With all these pessimism, I can see why women dislike Singaporean men. With all these insecurities, how can we make a women secure? We are not even secure about our own looks and capabilities.
A philosopher once said that when two persons are in love, they cannot control two things at once. That is freedom and conciousness. Be it men or women, when they are in love they want to posess these two. They want to deny their partner the freedom of mingling with other people from the different sex. They want their partners all for themselves. In other words, jealousy rears it's ugly side. They want to posess the partner's conciousness. They want their partner to think about them constantly and miss them terribly. This is simply not possible and the philosopher believed that this would lead to a failed relationship. Paradoxically, this cannot be helped when two are in love.
Ok, I have a little more space to fill up. So I shall continue my rant on the fact that not all local men are of such breed and that philosopher who thought of this is not a Singaporean. So, I say don't worry Singaporean men, they will always be a women out there waiting to accept you for who you are. After all, they say love can be blind and true love may be hard to find but when found it would be cherished forever or something like that.

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