Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Soo much for spring, the current weather in Indiana is still as freezing as ever, and its erraticism is totally beyond definition. Nice and warm on one day, and bitter cold on the next. I was out to the eastern front of the U.S. this past Spring break, namely Boston and New York and weather was much worst than Indiana, it was 37 degrees Fahreinheit and 20 at night minus wind chill in the 21st of March which is supposed to be the first day of spring, and New York was no better. Oo well... the trip was good except that due to lack of participation from my fellow college mates I was given no choice but to set out for the road trip alone, lonesomely walking through downtown Manhattan and getting lost in the sickening MTA subway.

By the way I'm Mik'hailis, a replacement for Satire as his blog administrator, my good ol' pal Satire, will have to be at the military camp by this friday, serving his NS for two in the half years (painfully). He is not particularly excited about it as evident in his past blog entries; therefore, from today onwards till the day of his release, I will be the one updating and adding entries to his blogspot.

Just a little intro about me, I'm currently doing my undergrad studies in Psychology and Business Management and I really do hope to be a Professional practicing Psychologist someday. In any case feel free to leave any kind of feedback on my entries, but I do have a request, please be polite when you leave feedbacks, I believe that the readers should mature enough to behave appropriately and also cultured and mannered enough to know what kind of languages should be used when leaving feedbacks (I hate to have to treat you guys and gals like kids).

Anyways, adios! And have fun reading!

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