Friday, April 09, 2004

After spending one bloody week in camp serving the much dreaded national service, the mundane routine was finally broken by the arrival of Good Friday. In case if you people are confused about the existence of another writer let me tell you that I have since passed the baton, albeit briefly, to my good friend Mik'halis for safekeeping.
Althought God-knows-why he hasn't updated anything yet since the day I officially passed it over to him, I believe that he has his reasons. I hope that he has not gone AWOL or is malingering.
As for me, the one week was tough. Marching and singing and running. Its like a PE everyday. And yah, the bad words are flying out non-stop from the sergeant-major's mouth. He is an Indian that believes that the best way to kill the "Malaysian F*******" is to gun them down when they are having their prayers in the morning. Rascist, vulgarities, push-ups, slewd jokes and deprivation of women are all common nonsense in the army.
Horrible food that consists of rice served in lumps and gravy, topped with green veg that have turned yellow and uncooked meat are just a typical day in the cookhouse.
Serving the army is tough but I end with this
" Have you ever wondered, Why Must We Serve, Because We Love our Land and We want it to be free to be free YaaaH!"
The Sound Echos on.......

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