Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I have decided to go job-hunting after a brief period of hiatus and indeed the job market is soft. You see, even a run-of-mill job like helping out in a job fair for Hang Ten attracted tons of applicants from all walks of life. Indians, Malays, Chinese, boys,girls, bengs, lians etc. Young and old are vying for the same job.
But it was the telemarketting job that got me interested. It concerns the sales of credit cards through "cold calling". The objective: Find Customers and convince them to sign up for the credit card or face the sack. Daunting challenge but it was an office job. 9-6 with the basic wage of 6 per hour. Commission is payable if you meet the sales quota. Problem is I have yet to get a call. It's ironical isn't it when you don't recieve a call from a company that revolves around calling people to stay afloat. For one I was quite confident as I went through two bloody interviews.
Before telemarketting, I recieve a "fantastic" job offer at NTUC. They wanted young able-bodied folks to take the night shift and shift(sorry for the pun) goods till early morning. How on earth anyone will accept that job offer I do not know. As my friend constantly reminded me, after all, we are A level students. A LEVEL!!
Ok, I am being over the top here and yes, I am an epitome of those very people that the government hate. I am choosy when it comes to jobs. I refuse to work in KFC, MCdonalds or even Kenny Rogers. I don't even take a second glance at jobs that are paying me below my requisite $6 per hour. I prefer to stay unemployed than take those lowly paid menial jobs which involve cleaning washing and fake smiles of "hello", " have a nice day!" . YOu can kiss my ass.
So I am unemployed and refuse to take up these offers. SO WHAT? Isn't everyone talking dollars and sense now? I ask a few friends and all of them lament about their pay. The pay is everything. Not experience. So no cleaner's job, no KFC, no shifting of heavy goods and surely no way is a coffeeboy going to fit into the picture.
After all I am a JC student. Educated and well-learned. Able to speak and write fluently. BUT I AM UNEMPLOYED. Who says a good education will guarantee you a job?

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