Sunday, January 18, 2004

I seem to encounter some people that seem to behave in a dastardly manner, similar to a certain terrorist by the name of Osama bin Laden. You see, this particular persona which quite aptly calls him/herself "irritated", refuses to leave his name and prefers to hide behind a facade and pass sacarstic and unconstructive comments on my blog.
I mean, it is not that I am a dictator that frowns on the idea of freedom of speech, but if indeed one is so bold to make stupid comments which is definately malicious to a large extent, why now write his real name and leave a return address?
There are several reasons that I do not understand about this particular person. Firstly, why on earth is he/she reading my blog with such regularity when he/she can't stand what I write? Secondly, why bother to comment and waste your time when you can just push your mouse to the big X on the top right hand corner and close the window? Thirdly, why not start your own damn blog and prove that you are better?
I have a million and one questions for these irresponsible and inconsiderate "pranksters". Sometimes, when you decide to wash your dirty linen in the public, you just have to incur the wrath of some people out there. But, this is a blog after all, feel free not to read it if you are unhappy about it. Come on, you are not even paying for it. Why get so upset?
I often adopt this so called policy of trying not to be angry at others. I mean when you are angry, the only person that suffers is yourself. Your face turn red, your heart beats faster to pump the blood through your protruding veins, your eyes "pop" and most importantly, your blood pressure rises. And we all know the consequences of high blood pressure.
So you scream and holler with all your might at that particular person and in the case of "irritated", the mind works overtime to find out the best possible offensive words to make me feel upset. Why not dedicate your ability to something else more productive?
The victim of your tirade will just simply shrug it off and walk away nonchalantly after you have said your piece. To cut a long story short, the person who gets angry will be the only one that suffers at the end of the day. It may even make matters worse as anger begets anger and more animosity may be created. Thus, leading to a never ending chain of violence, hatred and anger.
Ah, if only the world can think this way, there would be no war and peace will reign. Alas, we are still humans. I myself can't guarantee that I will never ever get angry again. It is true that Humans are made to err but Humans also possess the ability to control. Trust me, being angry benefits no one.

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