Friday, December 12, 2003

Since december 7, I have reached the highest point of laziness today. Before anything, let me tell you my definition of laziness. That is to slack infront of the tV with the PS controller in my hand and a glass of coke on the table and slash villians till dusk. I know I am crazy. I should get a life and not behave like some nerd playing out their fantasies on the damn PS2. Problem is I have been hit by the laziness syndrome that is full blown once I tell my grey matter that I am not going to school anymore in January. It happened after the O levels and it was so bad till I couldn't remember how to write my name in chinese.
This time I got a feeling it's gonna be worse. You see, I am not going to hold a pen for the next two and a half years. ok I may if it is to sign my name or maybe to fill in some surveys. But those pale in comparaison with what I have just been through in the A levels. I am heading to the army where after bruising my hands with the excessive vibrations of the PS controller I am going to swap it for the vibrations of a real gun.
Speaking of the army, I wish you well if you are enlisted today. Don't worry I will join you soon. Just let me be guilty at home of suffering from laziness syndrome while you people slug it out in the sun and the mud. Pray, our country needs you.
I must find a way to get out of this syndrome. This symdrome is so bad now that I can't even be bothered to refill the glass of coke that is mandatory for my success in slaining the orcs in the Return of the King game. I will find the willpower to prevent myself from slipping into this abyss of no return. Call me to go out if you have time but meanwhile I have got to rush. Thats all for the entry today folks. Now where's my damn controller? I need to complete my game. Anyone willing to refill my coke for me?

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