Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Christmas is coming. Another year is soon to be gone. 9 more days to a merry merry Christmas. Saddam is caught. New year is coming. Then Chinese New year is coming. Hari Raya Haji follows closely afterwards. So many festives to look forward too. So much beer to drink. So much money in the hong baos. I am dreaming of a White Christmas, red Chinese New year and a wonderful life in army.
Why am I forced to conscript? The year to follow would have been so perfect. Instead I am going to increase my odds of dying so early in my life. At 18! And yeah, just heard that my former classmate who finishes his 2.4km in 18mins,(It's true, such a person exist, I timed him myself) is being screwed in the army by the sergeant. I pity him. Come on he weighs a ton and can't run to save his life! Send him to civil defence? Hello Mindef?!
And while you are at it, change my reporting venue to the civil defence headquarters too.

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