Thursday, December 04, 2003

Suits, gowns, dyed hair, orange juice, bad food, lousy emcee(Where's Glenn&Rod?), dunno who the prom King and queen was(didn't care), lost handphone.. I wonder how eventful can a prom night be?
As usual, half the girls that appeared there were unrecognizable. Their faces were either covered in thick makeup or were in revealing dresses(you know those cannot see can see type). Making the horny males out there grab their hair in frustration in the toilets.
Ah, the toilets, I bet my last dollar that it was because of that world class toliet that swung almost all the votes towards Fullerton for the prom. Glass Basins. I know, I know I am still not sure what is the big deal about this fetish for glass but I myself visited the toilet 4 times. Anyway, I digress.
The prom night looks like the mini version of the Oscar awards. This once in a lifetime event had everybody up for it and practically everybody that attended were elegant to say the least. I am not sure when I would put on that suit again. I am not sure when I will attend another prom.
Ok, it looks that I am running out of things to say. It was a whirlwind of a night where everything passed by so quickly. By the way, I still have my SAT to tackle. Ah, everything's not over yet. See you in the near future guys.

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