Sunday, November 09, 2003

Did you people read the Home section of ST on Saturday? Well, if you have not let yours truly tell you that there was an active discussion on the Singapore Penal Code 377 on it's front cover. That is the oral sex law! And guess what, before all this happened, yours truly here actually enlightened you people about it! Haha! Scroll down if you don't believe me! IT's the GROSS INDECENCY ACT. Ain't I fast eh?
Ok, enough praise for myself, I prefer people to praise me and thats what I want after the release of my A level results. Thus, the extensive mugging(actually more slacking lah, had blogstipation thats why I didnt update this thing.) So I am back. On the eve of the A levels. Wow, what a timely comeback.
So to help you people feel good about yourself, I think I shall tell you a little bit of my preparation for the A levels so far. I am as prepared as the US when they went to the Iraq war. That means, er.. unprepared. Like the superpower, I have done the complete analysis of what is going to come out for the A levels, in terms of question types. But I have this gut feeling that surely all of it will fall apart because if my prediction is so good, I will be rich by now. I will just sit around and predict Toto and 4D numbers and I will be rich. As you know this has not happened so don't expect me to drag you people down with me as well.
My aunt has asked me what I want to do after the A levels. As in what course I want to take in the university. She is the most apt person to ask me this question because she is the only one in my entire family tree to have entered NUS before. This was how it went.
Aunt: So what are you going to do after As.
me: If I get As, then I wouldn't be talking to you here, I will be in Cambridge doing Law.
Aunt: No, No, I mean as in after your A levels.
me: Jet around the world and do a little wakeboarding.
Aunt: What course lah.
me: Oh, maybe I will take the pacific route to the US before taking the Atlantic route to England.
Aunt: I mean the university courses.
me: Oh that, depends on which Uni want me.
Aunt: No course in mind?
me: What do you suggest?
Aunt: Er..

So you see, even my relatives are at a lost. Honestly, I am as lost myself. There are several routes though. The poly route, ITE route, NIE route, Overseas route and of course the much esteemed University route.
You see my aunt majored in BA. So she wanted like me to go there as well as to be in tune with the recent entrepreneurship stuff you know. But I don't want to be a businessman. When I was in primary school, I wrote in my compo that I wanted to be a Fireman when I growed up. When I was in secondary school, I said I wanted Beckham's profession. Then when I was in JC, I said I wanted to be a policeman. Tsk, all jobs are portrayed in bad light in my family.
So, the debate rages on. Now I tell you what I want to be a LAWYER. Nods of approval... My aunt says, brilliant plan. My parents go, goody goody, free legal service in the future. My grandma goes, this family needs one.
Ok, unanimous seal of approval. Now if only the Cambridge markers can be bribed...

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