Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Gone with the wind
Three papers into my A levels and I decided that today being my off day, I shall catch up on some of the classic movies of yesteryear. The first that was pop onto my DvD was none other then Gone with the Wind. How apt.
It is like forces combining to go against you when you are feeling down. Ok, this maybe a horrible interpretation of some philosophical ideology but this really happens ok. Just when almost all my three papers seem destined for failure, out pops the Dvd Gone with the wind. I still want to know who bought that Dvd and who left it in the drawer.
Econs was a goner because the questions that came out were all so general. I mean I believe the papers that were meant for the Education Ministry ended up in the Finance Ministry instead. How else can you explain why they ask a question on the main Macro-Economic objectives in Singapore before going on to ask you what the heck was Singapore's most significant Macro-Economic problem and discuss policies to solve it?
In my years, er, months of studying Econs I have never encountered such a 'smart' question where it throws the ball back to your court, asking you to set your own question, so to speak, and answer it. Besides the problem of ambiguity and lack of proper structure, it gives student the headache of having to know alot about Singapore Economics.
It is no longer the case of the examiners giving you a question like Unemployment, discuss ways to solve it. It is now What do you think is the most significant economic problem in Singapore? It can be inflation, deflation, unemployment, poor export earnings...
Then there was History. Thank the divines for rather managable essays. But the same cannot be said about the source based. IT came out some insignificant portion of the causes of WW1 and guess what I didnt finish it. Great. I finished my prelim paper and I only got a E. Whats the chances now?
Besides, I still have some more papers. This is a dampener to my start of the As. I hope for the best. Meanwhile, can anyone tell me which is the best university in Australia?

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