Thursday, October 23, 2003

The clock ticks... the minute hand moves.. I stare at it blankly.. I pray for it to stop.. I wish NOV 10 will not arrive so quickly.... Seconds pass... I stare at my Economics notes..
Here when demand meets supply.. it is called the equilibrium..
When Nov 10 comes, I hope I will know only more than that... I look up again at my makeshift calender and glance again at the clock... ticking away mercilessly.. I took up my pen slowly and crossed out 21 October.
Down my calender NOV 10 is circled with a red pen. I counted the days slowly again, half-wishing that I got my counting wrong.. slowly I placed it back onto my shelf. I sat back onto my chair. 19 DAYS
I gingerly sorted out the sheets of paper on my desk.. How prepared am I? The exam hall flashed before me.. Suddenly students were milling around me.. teachers were distributing the paper.. the chief presiding examiner picked up the microphone...
I rubbed my eyes.. the clock infront of me continued ticking.. I was having hallucinations even before the real thing..
19 DAYS Damn....

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