Wednesday, October 01, 2003

So, the government has decided to give me 4 more months of civilisation before they decide to forcefully conscript me into the army. 2 April 2004. Hope this is not a April fool's joke. To get a call-up so late is simply heaven. Gentlemen.. Good night.. Ladies.. Good Morning.. haha.. I am the most eligible bachelor from December till March. Okok, at least I only get that honour only when the great looking guys get conscripted. Still it is the lack of supply that make people like me up for grabs right? Alright, alright crap.
Before I get bald, I would like to consider my options for my " free time". I can get my arse back to work which would please my mum like hell because I would not sulk around at home and live off my father's hard earned money. I hope my previous employer still wants me back considering that the current state of the economy is so bad.
Perhaps I could jet off for some holiday to Europe but that would be worse than slouching around at home. I would have to dip deep into my education fund to do that. Considering that I am part of the group that lack sponsors for my education, spending lavishly on an European holiday is not a good idea. Furthermore, my grades suck to the core and I may have to be shipped( I mean literally in a ship. May be too poor to sit a plane) off overseas to continue some form of university education.
Then I could go visit my sickly grandmother in Malaysia. I know she yearns for me if not she would not fret over me going to the army. I will tell her the good news that my time with her may last through to Chinese New year. This plan would again please my mum, who complains that I spend more time with my pretty cousin than with my grandmother.
I have several options but it seems that I have to take it apart and weigh the pros and cons. Which is tough because I have no intention to do any evaluation after my As. I have enough of tackling questions with the word "Evaluate" in it.
Really, come to think of it I would like the government to conscript me earlier so that I do not have to be bogged down with this decision making. On the other hand, I have no intention of serving a forced conscription so soon. See my predicament?
Some people may say that I do not know how to appreciate my new found freedom and complain when I could actually postpone my misery in camp. (Hey, I can come back with hair leh to take my A level results.) But seriously speaking, I do appreciate this late entry.
However when you start to see your friends getting conscripted one by one before you, suddenly you see that your social circle has shrunk significantly. I mean what can you do when you cannot hang around with friends and waste the remaining new found freedom alone? Especially if they are your close friends.
Of course there are girls, but it seems all of them are attached some way or another these days. Oh I forgot, some of them have their boyfriends in camp before me. Gentlemen.. Goodnight.. Ladies.. Goodmorning. Ahahaha..

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