Thursday, September 25, 2003

I am a self confessed TV addict. A chinese drama addict to be precise. I watch all the chinese serials on Channel 8 at the 7pm timeslot and the 9pm timeslot. Now you may see the irony of it all. I rarely attend chinese lessons in school, let alone speak chinese amongst peers. How on earth can I be addicted to chinese drama serials? Ah, there is the subtitles. I won't get lost in their conversation. Although at times the subtitles disappear and I curse and swear. Haha, just joking, my chinese is not that bad.
The reason why I bother to actually watch these shows is because of the good offerings by the station recently. Holland V at 7pm is a gem. Chen Liping plays the role of a matriach as well as a hand fits a glove. Then there is the "Sa Mei"(silly sister in chinese), Mo JingJing, played to perfection by Jeanette Aw. Probably she got her training from her time in university where she was a psychology and theatre studies student. Anyway, she looks far from even a PSLE holder in her role in the show. That shows how dumb she can go in acting, which is really good. The only setback though is the never-ending approach the directors have adopted to make this production similar to the HK production Zhen Qing. A whopping 115 episodes to contend with and you would be left wondering if Holland V would finish it's run by Christmas. But who cares? It is good. I hope it doesn't end.
Then there is the 9pm serial which is called Baby Boom. Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay partner up for another married couple role again. And you wonder again why on earth they are not a married couple in the real life. They have perfect chemistry and when the both of them act, you know that this serial is either really bad and in need of glamour or a potential blockbuster. But the scene stealers are Gurmit Singh and Michelle Saram. Both these actors are not full blooded chinese yet Saram speaks chinese so much better than Gurmit. Gurmit on the other hand speaks the chinese comparable to mine. Though it is not the chinese that turns you off. It is his horrible acting. He is a Phua Chu Kang in his office worker role. Saram is totally babelicious in her role. Her perfectly white teeth and flawless tan skin... Anymore would solicit the response: Too much information.
You have to watch the shows at these timeslots to really understand why I am addicted. Although at times the shows are highly predictable in their plot, there are really some funny moments and ahem, beautiful girls. Like the previous 9pm show, Romance de Armour. The serial was akin to Sex and the City. No wonder there was so much complains in the newspapers about it being shown in prime time. But there would be no complains from me as long Mediacorp continue producing good shows.

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