Monday, September 22, 2003

It's been a long time since I blogged and reason is because of the prelims. Glad that it is almost over. Anyway, I was looking forward to coming back to this site and I was welcomed back by some people that left nasty comments on my shoutbox(i have deleted it). I mean, people are still commenting that I am insincere in saving a poor country. This is absurd. What is wrong with this ambition? I mean everybody are entitled to their own opinions but they should respect people's ambitions and not pass malicious comments.
Moving on and away from these disgusting people, I shall present to you another nasty group of people. In fact they are footballers, or Man Utd footballers for that matter. This was what happend to my eventful weekend. Feeling itchy on the purse strings, I decided that it was a good time to let it loose by launching a $25 investment on a Man Utd win over Arsenal. The odds were rather tempting so I decided to give it a try. Low and Behold, the bet blew up in my face.
RUUD VAN NISTELROOY probably the most hated man in the betting circles now decided to shatter my hopes of some extra pocket money. He MISSED a penalty by smacking his shot so hard against the woodwork that I thought would shatter along with my money. Those smirks on the Arsenal players faces also seem to rub it into my money lost. Anyway, Man Utd drew a hot tempered game with Arsenal.
It was disappointing really as I went to sleep the stupid miss kept replaying in my head. I tell myself now. This must put a stop to my quirky habit of betting. Losing 25 bucks is good enough. This could be money to buy clothes, shoes and of course to help the poor. Come to think of it, my money spent on betting is really absurd when it could be better off as a donation to make the lives of other people better

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