Thursday, September 18, 2003

For those people who are aware of my campaign to save Ethiopia which I started ever since the day I started blogging, let me assure you that after a rather brief absence I am back to reignite this campaign again. Every since I shifted to this new blog, I seem not to have made my intentions clear, therefore they are readers out there who feel that blogging is a waste of time and have since criticised me for writing rubbish instead of dedicating my time to save the dying children in Iraq.
Although this reader was sacarstic and superficial with absolutely no intention to save any Iraqi children(not that he can anyway since he even insults people's blogs with rude comments), I have taken his advice and decide to dedicate some blog space to the people in Ethiopia(my previous campaign) and the people in Iraq. Since I know that I would be unable to send any practical help, I hope that after reading this piece the folks out there with big fat wallets that can whip it out to make a donation to these people in need instead of spending it all on beer and Singapool Pools.
Ok, starting of with Ethiopia, this is an land formerly known as Abyssinia and was once a target of Mussolini's Fascist Italy. It is insignificant in the world stage but nevertheless it is still a developing nation that require plenty of help. If you ask me why Ethiopia? I picked this country because my JC started this campaign for donations to this country. I decided to follow it up on my blog because I know that my measy few dollars is not going to create economic growth there. Thus, I want to create awareness and make those people out there who have too much money and spend it on drugs to spare a bit for these people.
The Ethiopians are know to have one of the lowest GDP in the world. In fact it is also constantly plagued by famine and have thousands of children dying there. Besides famine, inflation in that country is soaring. Like all developing nations, they are basically heavily reliant on argriculture. The war between their borders with Eritea is not helping the country at all.
This is why the people are suffering and if you think that what is the big deal? All African nations are suffering the same plight. It sounds like a broken record going on again and again. Well, then I believe that you got a wrong attitude man. I believe in making one more country richer than leaving all poorer. The fact that you people out there can do something about it and not do anything is a sin already. Unneccessary comments like stereotyping the plight of the developing countries are making your character seem worse.
Moving on to Iraq, I believe that one day I should start the campaign on saving it too but realizing that there are a thousand and one aid groups who backed by the world superpower are helping too, I realized that enough awareness is created on that country. Besides, if I set up campaigns for Iraq children, I would have to set up a SAVE USA SOLDIERS FROM DYING campaign as well.
I say take things one step at a time. I want to concentrate on Ethiopia first. There is no point spreading your resources thin by helping every single country. If one is really sincere and generous in helping in Ethiopia, I am sure he/she would be greatly appreciated by everyone. So stop making silly comments and find a way to help Ethiopia NOW.

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