Thursday, April 10, 2008

Me, Myself and that Mysterious her

Sometimes it is hard to know what you are thinking,
much is left to be desired for debating,
like an elusive fish emanating,
I am left floundering,

In blistering pace it all happened,
confusion reign and I was questioned,
where was my brain when all these occured?
the heart has taken over and hampered,

I am not telling you to make that decision,
I want to wait and hope this turns out in precision,
not regretting and doubting my perception,
that you are just a mere presumption,

In you, I find a meaning in my mundane existence,
I hope I can find happiness with your assistance,
never have I felt so close to exuberance,
alas! I am left helpless by your resistance,

Perhaps, it is too quick to judge,
my senses have yet to process this nudge,
just like sweet chocolate fudge,
they tend to decieve and subterfuge,

But I have faith that you are right,
knowing you better every night,
I won't go down without a fight,
indeed, it is just me, myself and that mysterious her.

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