Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Poem Dedicated to Joy

The endless horizon that lies beyond,
the drudgery that enslaves the soul at the present,
the desire to find the spark that will light up the dark,

The effervescent spirit,
the ever optimist,
always marvelling at the positives,

Anything will subside in this aura of light,
a welcome relief to an eternal world of dread,
a reason why people still believe in the word hope,

Nineteen years ago a couple sat in a church and prayed,
hoping that bulge that lies beneath will be blessed,
the gentle and soothing rub,

Like all literature which hail the arrival of a child,
as the beginning of hope,
this was hailed along the lines of a Messiah,

Hope has finally been personified,
the impact has yet to strike the millions,
yet, those close to the child can feel the aura,

The present holds the keys,
the future acts as the beacon,
ensuring that there is still that faint glow of flame,

If the world could erect a monument,
on it will carve three letters,

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