Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A shout-out

I have never written a 2000 word entry for anyone before. Much less for a girl. Today I am about to embark on a 'character promotion' of sorts for this girl that I recently got to know. People have often said I cannot keep my word. This entry will prove that a 2000 word blog entry for someone is possible. The girl I am going to write about today has received rave reviews from almost everyone that she has met so far.

It is not surprising that praises and suck-ups for her are gushing in. After all, she is flushed with cash. Let's call it a stroke of fortune or a tad of misfortune but she probably became the first victim of a university closure. Yes. A whole university close down even before she completed a year. Her reward? Twenty-two freaking thousand dollars to embark on a journey of her lifetime down under. It was truly a blessing in disguise. Without any parental control, loaded to the brim with cash, f***ing great friends and an iron liver created a perfect setting for the next three years. Her lifestyle down under definitely resembles a dog that has been released from a leash.

Her lifestyle and pocket depth are an envy of many people. Guys and Girls never fail to drop a jaw when they hear the amount of cash she has for disposal. Yet, this girl remains remarkably modest. She always claims that she has no cash, no cash and NO CASH. Of course, she requires such a facade. She definitely is educated enough to know that such frivolous expenditure of this 'ill-gotten gains' will result in her turning into a heat seeking missile. Already, she is appearing on the radar as a 'potential date'. She wakes up to mysterious sms-es from random guys and stirs fitfully in her bed to extended vibrations on her hand phone.

Her love life is definitely not confined to attractions from the opposite sex. A female friend of hers has recently came up with the 'cleverest' of terms and created world history with a new word. The word rhymes with chauvinistic. The word was so cleverly crafted that this blog cannot carry it without facing libel. Hence, I promise I would update all my dear readers out there once I have received the necessary permission to reveal this word. To describe a girl chauvinistic can mean either good or bad. In this context, it is certainly good because this girl has certainly aroused the 'lesbian tendencies' of her female friends. No prizes for guessing that her friends love to be dominated.

Certainly, money and character can bring out the very best in someone. Yet, these attributes are nothing without looks. A tush of mid-length highlighted brown hair, a round fair face, glassy eyes and legs to die for certainly is an asset for anyone. The years of badminton has perfectly honed and toned the body into perfection. A drawback would be a series of minor injuries to the knees which could be saved by the same doctor that fixed Michael Owen. Indeed, such blessings necessitate a fair sense of fashion as well. This is where she is not lacking. A trucker cap, tube top, and mini blue denim skirt wraps the beauty that lies beneath. Thus, effusing the beauty from the inner self to the external realms. An eye for the intricate details will notice the perfect clothing colour combination that effectively sums up her total beauty.

Of course, a perfect interior and exterior will be utterly ruin if a fetid stink emits from the body of such a wonderful soul. Fortunately, she has the perfect answer. A glorious dash of perfume that lingers long after she has disappeared from one's presence symbolizes her desire to look good and smell good. The sweet scent just brings out the classier side of a girl that is already filled with the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer. Trust me, you wish the smell will never go away.

In any case if you think she is a figment of my imagination, let me assure you that she is not. Never in my wildest imagination will I imagine that three years after my birth, will such an angel descend onto earth. The humanistic features that transcend the boundaries of earthly beauty only confirms that she is real and very much a mortal. The smooth baby skin on her face, creamy white hands and lovely doe eyes makes her someone to die for.

Yet, if you think winning her heart will be easy. The otherwise is true. Try as many guys might, they falter at the final hurdle. She has the ability to play up hopes to levels that only heavens exist, only to bring it crashing down to the deepest depths of hell. The anguish that many feel and the elusiveness are encapsulated in an impregnable aura. It totally defines her strong nature, her chauvinism, her beauty and her determination. She brings a whole new meaning of beauty that exist from within. Definitely a girl that stands out like a smashed light bulb in a chandelier. A look around will show a series of broken hearts, of bitter tears, painful memories and angst. She has the ability to make a guy's heart sink faster than a titanic.*

Just before I end this heartwarming entry, let me have the pleasure of saying that although she has been in my life for a few months, she deserves every single word of this entry. Read this entry with Robbie William's song, Angels and be amazed how the words flow seamlessly. The ambience facilitates a series of flashbacks that is nothing short of pleasant. Although this entry falls hopelessly short of 2000 words, I believe it is the quality that matters and not the quantity. I hope I am forgiven for going back on my words again.

Everyone, let me introduce you to her, this lovely lady called Chua Shuwen.

*Heng, Jeremy, Mentioned on 20 september 2007.

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