Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog back

I realized I haven't blogged in ages. I even have to be reminded on my tagboard that the entries on this site are getting stale. My apologies. There is just too much work this semester. I think it's because I have twice the amount of essays to write as compared to last semester. That is why, that pile of work doesn't seem to shrink. As I speak, I still have three more essays to go, and this number is about the total amount of work I had last semester. This semester was supposed to be my slackest semester since I decided to embark the reverse Australian school calender. Semester is suppose to start at the beginning of the year but I came in mid-year so technically, I should have gotten through the harder phase of first year but well, this semester looks harder than the previous one.

I am not sure why I am still up at 4.45am in the morning typing this entry. I am suppose to be in bed because I have a class at 9am. But I think it's because I have screwed up my body clock and there is just no way I can reverse it back.

Apparently, my mind is still awake and alert but I think I am typing gibberish on this screen. The fact that I have been typing so many essays, I feel quite burnt out when it comes to typing blog entries. I seriously need to post something enlightening here. I promise I will get to that once all my deadlines are cleared.

Alright, I think I will head to bed and try to get to sleep. My body clock is screwed.

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