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Morgan Stanley

April 16, 2007
Need for Morgan Stanley to clarify comment that it is hard to find good talent in S'pore

I REFER to the article on good talent in Singapore, ''It's very hard to find good talent in Singapore nowadays,' said HR professional' (ST, April 7).

I attended the same career talk that was organised by Contact Singapore here in Sydney. When the HR representative mentioned that 'It's very hard to find good talent in Singapore nowadays', I was surprised and perturbed by that comment. As a Singaporean undergraduate that is currently pursing an education in a tertiary education here in Australia, I am very concerned about foreign companies' perception of talent in Singapore.

I believed that the HR representative from Morgan Stanley did not intend to have phrased anything offensive. However, I would like Morgan Stanley representatives to clarify what exactly it defines as good talent.

I am sure Singapore, being a country that has a well-educated population, does not lack good talent. The statement taken on face value is derogatory and representatives from Morgan Stanley should make their stand clear about what they mean by 'good talent'.

If a representative in a senior position in Morgan Stanley can mention that Singapore lacks 'good talent' without hesitation, it is clear that either there is really a dearth of talent in our country or a simple case of miscommunication.

If it is the former, I would like to mention that such a statement is uncalled for. To make such a comment is to make a sweeping judgment that does our education system injustice.

If it is the latter, I would like the Morgan Stanley representative to provide a clear definition of 'good talent'.

On the whole, such an outreach programme by Contact Singapore was indeed a good effort to reach out to Singaporeans who are currently studying overseas.

It shows that students like us are not forgotten and we have a role in the contribution towards the development of Singapore's economy.

However, if foreign companies like Morgan Stanley do not believe in the talent pool that Singapore can offer, then it only serves to undermine the good work that Contact Singapore has carried out.

Sing Keng Loon

Sydney, Australia

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