Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I was looking through online at the possibilities open to me next semester.

I guess it will be a tough choice. I did my initial plan of pending courses and decided that I have a five day week?!!?!

Amazing. Although I have two days with only one hour of classes, a five day week is still quite amazing.

I tried looking at the various possibilites for my electives. There are no questions about my major. I am going to do history and politics. And since last semester has been filled with politics classes, this semester will be filled with history classes. The only problem is the remaining two electives.

I took philosophy for fun to fill up one of my electives last semester. And I screwed it up big time. The other was a subject on Australian economy. I did fairly well in that subject but it was that darn philosophy that pulled down my WAM. Who cares if Sisyphus pushed the damn rock up the slope and in the process got sick and tired of it? He could have sat and relac at one corner and smoke a cigarette for all I care. So philosophy is no go for me next semester.

I looked at two possibilities for next semester and considered educational psychology and developmental studies. But I am drawn to the possibility of taking international business as well. Partly because the person paying my school fees is pointing a gun at my head and asking me to take it but partly also I have an interest in it.

Well I haven't decided which of the three to take yet. Electives are a chore. We should just be able to do what we like.

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