Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back In Singapore

Alright, I have been back for 3 days liao. Spent 8 hrs of my birthday hauling my arse from Sydney back to Singapore to experience the heat and humidity here. Somethings don't change in Singapore and when I got back I dread the feeling of coming under the same roof of my parents once again. Yes, I may miss them but at times they are simply just too possessive. Living in Sydney has opened my eyes to the amount of freedom that I have available to me. I could go anywhere I wish, come back anytime I want and invite whoever I want to invite. Sadly, the similar freeom cannot be emulated here in Singapore. Living under one roof with my parents meant that I have to report to them where I went, what time I will be back and whatever not. And that is really pissing me off.

On the lighter note, I want to thank everyone who made my 21st birthday celebrations in Sydney possible. And especially my dear.. Haaha.. didnt turn out as planned eh? But I salute for your effort. You spent so much time for it even when we are in the midst of exams. Thank you. And thanks for all the gifts as well you gave me. I am extremely touched. Thanks for the dinner as well.

Yeah and thanks to Pam and Dre for letting us use their house and making a mess out of it. Haha.. Sorry lah..

Ok, I am melting, so hot and humid. I can't stand it. I just got my wireless network up so I can now work on my laptop without having to cram with my parents and brother for that one single internet connection on the desktop. So yes, I am back in business and back in the digital age.

Alright, will blog more in the coming weeks. I am still recovering from jetlag.

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