Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Leeches are queer animals that stick to people's bodies and suck their blood dry. They are red and hard to remove. They are not like mosquitoes who suck a few drops before flying away. They literally suck you dry and cling on to you.

At first, you don't really notice them because they are silent killers who suck your blood without you knowing. But eventually when you discover them, they will be very hard to remove. This cause extreme irritation because who wants their blood to be sucked???

These leeches become very fat when they finish sucking your blood. Yet, these little demons have an insatiable appetite. They will then move on to various other bodies and suck more blood. There comes a time when everyone starts hating these little creatures. They are good for nothing and survive only to suck blood.

Yet leeches can be very helpful. They help doctors remove blood clots. In fact, leeches love to help. They suck all the blood clots out and save people from a potential fatality. But they are still irritating.

I feel leeches are also cowards because they don't like to signal their intention that they love to suck our blood. They just barge in and suck without asking for permission. And when they are discovered, people get so pissed off with them that they smack them with all their might, leaving them in one big mash of blood spat.

It's disgusting really if you ever encounter leeches. So I warn trekkers in jungles to always be on a constant look out. Sometimes a simple prank of throwing a leech on a friend's back may lead to his death. Leeches are dangerous insects. They are pest. AND THEY ARE VERY IRRITATING. My advise is if you have a choice avoid jungles. But if you already have a leech on you, smack it with all your might. A blood spat is better than a lifetime of irritation that leeches can potentially cause.

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