Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sydney Beaches

I love the beach. I really do. You don't see me running to the beach often in Singapore although we are surrounded by it because of three reasons. 1)Folks love to pitch tents there and destroy the feeling of a proper beach. 2) Folks love to bring their dogs and kids and throw them into the sea. Dogs shit in it and Kids pee in it. So you get the idea. 3) Our endless horizon is tarnish by objects(ships) and islands(Ubin, Tekong and Sentosa). This is why me and beaches in Singapore don't go.

But beaches here in Sydney are entirely different. The water is blue, the waves are huge and there are no islands or irritating ships blocking my endless horizon. The water is clear and beautiful and most importantly, the girls do go around topless here.
And that is what rocks!

So my friends and I decided that we should get a tan and go swimming in the sea. The waves here are incredible. They are surfing waves and it is not for the faint hearted I tell you. When it comes, it will submerge you and I tell you that sucks beacause you will start swallowing salt water.

Anyway, the sun, sand and the sea. We played frisbee too and this caucasian girl came up to me and said that she had a bet with her friend that she will play frisbee with us. So she joined us for a few throws. I tell you, frisbee attracts girls. After she played a few rounds, she shook my hand and went off. Then before you know it another caucasian girl came and ask us how to play this game of frisbee. The beach is indeed better than going to clubbing.

Going to the beach in Sydney is indeed and enriching experience. If anyone of you guys coming down, give me a ring and I will show you the sun, sea and sand.

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