Saturday, September 30, 2006

Growing Fat

Recently, I saw a person in the mirror that I am totally unfamiliar with. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was myself. I rubbed the edges of my face and discovered that a new layer of fat has emerged. I looked at my 'once flat' tummy to discover that it has turned into one big fat blob of lard. I sucked in my breath and admired the 'flatness' of it all again. And then I exhaled. Poof! That sickening tummy is bulging again.

I have never realized how it is like to be fat. I have always been thin in my life. And thin means rod thin. As straight as an arrow. I never had the misfortune of signing up for the TAF club(which is FAT spelled backwards) because I look like my mum had starved me for years. I was always allowed the freedom to eat anything that I choose in the canteen and snack freely whenever I like.

However, things are getting a little out of hand now. During army, I look like I can wash clothing on my abs. There was actually a faint bit of 6 pack. Thanks to the rigours of BMT, I emerged muscular and tan but just bald. Now, I have hair but I am fat. How?

I need to excercise. I need to get back into shape. I need the army again. If not, I am going to die a fatman.

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