Friday, September 15, 2006

A sense of Frustration

I just got up. I am at my friend's place. I got a 2000 word essay due on 3 October and another essay of a similar word count due on 13 October. I am in trouble. I got a writer's block. My mind is block. I pore through a hundred books and I come back to square one. I look at the sickening cursor on my microsoft word and I curse at it. It doesn't help because I have to physically type something onto it.

It sucks. It really sucks. Seating beside me yesterday was this girl. I think she is the main cause of it all. She was busy with her work. Too engross to notice my sense of frustration. I was totally pissed.

Her phone rang. It made it even worse. She picked it up and spoke cheerily into the mouthpiece. I was really pissed now. Tired and pissed.

Then after she left, I asked my friend for a bottle of beer and we downed it together. It was a sickening evening. I felt like shit.

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