Thursday, August 10, 2006

National Disappointment

Like many people in the world hor, I am proud of my roots and my nationality. I am also proud of my language. And Singapore hor, the official language is Singlish. I tell you, dont believe any nonsense that the people in Singapore tell you lah. Our official language really is Singlish not Engrish, Melayu, Cina or Tarmil. Besides hor, today is National Day lah. So must celebrate, celebrate a bit. Speak Singlish, respect Singapore culture.

I tell you hor, here very the easy to identify Singaporean one. All Singaporean here end their sentence with lah. So like hor, you go to the Asian Oriental Store to buy rice, you will hear someone saying 'Eh this luncheon meat steady sial! I didnt know that Australia got Luncheon meat leh!'

This hor, confirm plus chop is Singaporean one. Some more one whole group like suaku stand there look in amazement at the luncheon meat on the shelf. This hor is Chinese like to say, 'frog in the well' lah. Think that just because Australia ang moh country hor, no luncheon meat. Simi lanjiao. Wake up your idea lah.

Then ah, we actually today want to celebrate National day in Australia one lah. We all ah ka liao say don't want to go class one. But hor, chao chee bye think here think there, say eh, not right leh. Father and mother pay so much money send us to Australia then we come here take their money throw into drain. Eh, like that buay steady leh.

So fuck lah, go to class lor. Finish class liao hor, everyone damn shag. Na buay go for National Day dinner, I was nodding off lor while my friend was telling his garang NS stories. KNN. Like that how to celebrate? When my friend finish his jiao wei hor, he see me so sei, deceided to spare me his garang tales and say go back watch NDP via webcast.

I say ok lah. I mean this is the first time I spend National Day away from Singapore lor. So I excited lah. Want to see what all the other overseas Singapore experience every year. So I walk to my friend place to watch lor.

Knn, when we click the site and open the webcast we see the image dark dark one. I was like WTF? why leh? Why like that? Simi lan jiao? I thought Singapore technology world class one? How come cannot see any lan jiao thing?

Wah, I was damn pissed off lor. My friend and I click, click, click everything we see but all the language that we click, Engrish, Melayu, Cina and Tarmil all cannot work. We down there cannot stop scolding chao chee bye lor. Ka ni na talk so big on the front of the site say what want Singaporean overseas to experience NDP via webcast.
Lanjiao lor. When come to crunch time, the lan jiao thing fail to load. Cannot believe it.

To think about it, I walk so far from the dinner place in the cold, with the wind blowing from all direction just to watch a black screen. Pui waste my time.

But hor, cannot see like that lah. I still love Singapore thats why so far away still want to watch NDP. Somemore via webcast somemore. I miss the NDP songs leh but never mind my friend hp ringtone is mari kita. Song song, everytime meet him his phone ring sure must stand still and salute one. Ang moh see liao think we siao.

Aiya, I jiao wei alot hor. Ok la, don't want to talk so much cock liao lah. Just remember hor, take Singapore flag and fly it high. Because hor, here in Australia and my blog, I fly is high high, sedia and salute. Majulah Singapura.

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