Thursday, March 16, 2006

I was looking through some tourism pages just now and I came across Australia's new ad. With an air of arrogance, the Australians are trying to shove their country into the potential millions of tourist that have yet to discover that piece of land.

Touting their ambition with their new ad "Where the bloody hell are you?" , the Australians have succeeded in showing their crass behaviour. I doubt they have created anything except controversy surrounding this 'eye-catching' advertisment. Must they really use the word 'bloody' in their promotion?

Nevertheless, I am inspired to influence the Singapore Tourism Board to create such controversy as well. For too long Singapore has lead a 'whiter than white' lifestyle in where Singapore is portrayed as a clean and green nation. We have promoted ourselves as a country which entices people for it's safe streets, well manicured gardens and low risk entertainment. Lets break out of this thinking and do what others are doing. It took the government more than 40 years to discover that Casino is good for Tourism revenue, so lets not make the mistake of waiting too long again. Launch a controversial campaign to save Singapore Tourism now and reap the benefits.

Being a loyal citizen and all(when loyal I mean I support PAP, serve NS and sing National Anthem), I shall do my role and contribute a few lines.

We are opening a Casino
We have built a budget terminal,
We are removing druggies?
So Kanina* where are you?

We have countdown parties with Foreign workers
We allow maids to have a day off
We welcome students from China to study here
So Kanina* where are you?

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* Hokkien expletive. If the Aussies believe in bloody, we believe in vulgarities also. Singapore style

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