Monday, March 20, 2006

I sat down in my usual seat in the usual bus to take the usual route home from camp. I opened up my usual paper and read the usual section in silence as the bus lugged along lackadaisically towards it's destination.

It was a mundane day with the usual faces sitting stoically on their seats amid the blare of the TV mobile that was showing the usual 'Diva on Dime'. It seems that the lulling bus ride was sapping the passengers' energy and sucking them into a black hole of torpidity. After what seems like an eternity, the bus finally came to a halt at the designated stop and the doors quiety hissed opened.

I wasn't paying much attention to the people that were coming on board as I was trapped in between deciphering Arsenal's emphatic win and repose. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a girl wearing a pink T-shirt sitting down in the seat infront of me.

The immediate tang of flower scented shampoo stung my nostrils into consciousness. My eyes reacted by shifting it's attention to the long flowing tresses of a relatively young girl sitting in front of me. The light baked, brown hair of the girl in pink was conditioned to perfection as it sat hovering just beneath the slender shoulders of the petite frame.

From the back, I drew a sharp breath and opened my eyes. I am awake now but still unsure if I drew the sharp breath from the anticipation of a beauty or the twang of flower scented shampoo. I sat still, head tilted at an angle as I tried to confirm that the hair was as beautiful as it's owner's face but all I got was a heavily stained reflection of the side profile.

In the poor reflection, I tried to place the features that pieced up the girl's face. Like a puzzle, there was always something missing that disallowed me to comprehend the true extent of her beauty. I tried a few times and strained my eyes for a clearer picture and decided that I had enough and left the rest up to imagination.

Instead, I studied the human behaviour and tried to analyse the social etiquette of the girl. In the reflection, I could see the girl sitting pensively with her smooth like silk hand acting as a rostrum for her delicate chin. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she thinking about the attention that she was recieving or was she mulling over a break up?

Thoughts raced through my head as my nostrils continued taking in the flower scented shampoo that swept through the air conditioned bus like a wildfire. I observed her clothes.

Clad in a pink blouse with the logo stating Esprit on the back, she looked elegant. No doubt it was the gentle swivel of the air condition that parted the glossy hair to reveal a hint of the blouse's brand. I sucked in my breath again.

As I was sitting a sit from the front in a double decker bus, the top right handed mirror allowed me to spot a fitting denim skirt that was evenly patterned with little white patches. Her uninterrupted legs peeked from the skirt that she wore and her unwrinkled hand was perched on a crumpler bag. This had to be a beauty.

30 minutes of wild imagination later, I saw a movement of her head. She was about to turn! Finally I was going to see her beautiful face!!! Her hands slowly reached out to press the button for the bell and I drew a sharp breath again. Slowly, the owner of the hottest imagined body turned around. I stared in shock as a pair of cross eye greeted me. Her nose was as plastic as Madam Tussard's and acne clouded her pale yellow face. Anticipation turned to horror as I placed my hand over my jaw to stop it from dropping.

I vomitted onto the seat beside me.

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